Let's start with the question who I actually am. One could say I am an ordinary programmer in Java and it would be wrong. I am not a "regular programmer", but an artist-programmer. Now I’ll try to explain these words. I got into programming at the age of 12 (Grade 7, 1998). That's when I discovered a wonderful world of software which turned me from an ordinary person into creator of my own world. My first experience was drawing simple colored lines on the screen, but it was too easy and too boring. But when I saw a moving circle from one corner to another on the screen of a nearby monitor, I sensed magic. I will always remember this picture. Even today, just like at those times, it never ceases to inspire me to new achievements. Later, user interface became my main specialty. As the years passed, I grew up professionally and began to write websites and software for mobile phones and have mastered a number of languages. Over the past 15 years — since I first got acquainted with the programming — I've been involved in dozens of different projects. Some of them were mere educational, others more complex and profitable. Some were not finished, others experienced several versions. Some are used by a limited circle of people, others are run daily by thousands of users. But it's not that important compared to magic that won my heart in my childhood. I try to turn my every project into a masterpiece of art. Every detail is important to me: from the development of a convenient interface to the beauty and the facility of application’s work. I never tend to make visual effects overabundant, but if it’s possible I’m trying to provide a character to the interface. But my main and primary advantage is just one feature: passionate love for my job. Like Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs, once said in his speech to the graduates of Stanford: "The only way to do great work is to love what you do".


Unfortunately, projects’ level now surpasses the capability of one developer and that is why I’ve recently started to hire third-party assistants for the realization of my ideas. Some projects have already been published, others are still to come, but managing work is more after my heart than mere code writing. Like before, I still think over all the details of the interface, embellish it, but now I can do more things much quicker as I don’t have to fit the images or write standard algorithms that take a lot of time. I have been actively collaborating with designers, programmers, and I would pay decent money to anyone who is capable to create beautiful products on my layouts.


When a creative person achieves some results, he has a desire to share them with other people. When the result is a product — it's simple: give the link to the application and get cries of admiration, plaudits and ladies falling into a swoon. But it cannot be applied to the methodology of programming or other interesting thoughts. All my thoughts tend to take visual-textual form and are placed on different resources. Now, however, I decided to concentrate them on this website, in the blog section. There you can see a variety of thoughts on different topics, ranging from specific bugs and errors of different platforms to natural phenomena sketches.


Although I haven’t picked up a camera for a while I’m still thrilled about photo art. I'm not a professional, and not even a good amateur, but I’ll take a chance to give a link to my photo album